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Peix arrebossat a l’estil Chip Shop casolà amb puré cremós de formatge i verdures barrejades. GR…

Peix arrebossat a l’estil Chip Store casolà amb puré cremós de formatge i verdures barrejades. Gran combo! Fàcil i senzill 🥰 Arrebossat de peix: 1 half de farina d’arròs, 2 elements easy/autolevant, sal, pebre, curri en pols, aigua amb soda, clares d’ou. Farina de dragatge: farina, sal, pebre, curri en pols. Puré: patates, ceba tendra, all, julivert sec i sàlvia, mantega, llet, formatge crema, formatge cheddar. Verdures: barreja de verdures, sal, pebre, mantega, herbes barrejades. Prova-ho, comparteix-ho i explica’ns com et queda!

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  1. 1. Choose whatever white fish you fancy.
    2. Pat the fish dry and season with salt about an hour before cooking and leave to rest. 10 mins before cooking start heating the oil on medium heat.
    3. For the batter mix all the dry ingredients up, the seasoning are all about a tsp each. Add the soda water little at a time making a thick paste.
    4. Whisk up the egg whites with a little salt to form soft peaks and then mix in to the batter, set aside.
    5. Lightly dredge the fish in the dry flour mix, dust off the excess and then dip in the batter, fry in the hot oil for a few mins each side till golden and crisp.

    For the mash sauté the onions, garlic and herbs in butter and a little oil on low heat, add boiled potatoes, mash and mix. Add the milk, little at a time and then cream cheese and cheddar. Season with salt and pepper.

    Sauté the mixed veg in a tbsp of oil, some butter, mixed herbs and seasoning.

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